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CMA MN Bylaws are available here for download. Approved 2-17-14


The 2018 Board Members are as follows:   (Elections are in March Every Year)

Chairperson: Chris – 320-232-9939

Co-Chair: Mai – 651-432-2393

Treasurer: Jason 

Co-Treasurer: Brian H – 651-242-9014

Secretary: Topher – 732-861-6869

Co-Secretary:Miranda – 320-874-1455

Activities Chairperson: Jamie – 763-458-3492 

Activities Co-Chair: Janel – 651-503-7614

Public Information Chairperson:  Jessica C. 651-497-6316 

Public Information Co-Chair: Steve L

Senior Hospitals & Institutions Liaison: Brenda B.  763-464-7814

Hospitals Chairperson: Jake – 763-712-9078

Hospitals Co-Chair: Jessica – 612-237-9347

Institutions Chairperson: Brain

Institutions Co-Chair: Andrew – 651-313-3559

Chips & Literature Chairperson: Jason R – 651-417-9968

Chips & Literature Co-Chair: Chuck J.  651-206-8108

MN World Representative: Bill

MN World Delegate: Josef O – 218-415-1482

GSR Coordinator: Stacy W.

Hot Line: Brandon G – 763-312-4932

Your continued support and efforts are amazing! We are ecstatic to see so many new faces AGAIN this year!


It is to be noted that all service positions of leadership, whether elected or appointed, are considered “trusted servant” positions. The authority required for these trusted servants to carry out their assigned responsibilities is given to them in accordance with our Tenth Concept. Each officer has responsibilities to CMA groups and to the Minnesota Area Assembly, and in some cases to the region and to the fellowship worldwide. The first activity of any trusted servant is to become informed as much as possible; not only with respect to their particular service responsibility, but all aspects of CMA service.