Service Work

Being Of Service in Crystal Meth Anonymous

Service is an important part of recovery. There are a number of ways to be of service in CMA. Typically an addict in recovery will start out by helping at a meeting as a greeter, coffee maker or offering to setup/cleanup before or after the meeting. Once an addict starts to accumulate some clean time, they can volunteer for a more significant position: Below is a list of positions to consider volunteering for:

Chair Person:

Suggested length of sobriety: Subject to group conscience.

Suggested term of office: Subject to group conscience, usually six months to one year.

Experience suggest that members who have held all group offices are the most effective Group Chairs.

The Chairperson coordinates activities with other group officers – and with those members who assume responsibility for literature, hospitality, coffee-making, programming individual meetings within the group and other vital functions.

The more informed that Chairpersons are about CMA as a whole, the better they function. By keeping Tradition One firmly in mind and by encouraging group members to become familiar with all CMA’s Traditions, a healthy CMA group will be assured.

The following are suggested duties of Group Chairpersons:

Open and close the meeting

Adhereing to the decisions made by the group conscience for how the meeting is to be run

Maintain cordial relations between the group and the organization from which the meeting room is rented.

Schedule and preside at group business meetings.
In the absence of a meeting chairperson, open group meetings or assign the responsibility to other officers.

Substitute for other group officers when necessary.


Suggested length of sobriety: Subject to group conscience

Suggested term of office: Subject to group conscience, usually six months to one year.

The Treasurer is responsible for the Group’s finances consistent with Tradition Seven, “Every CMA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions”. Group funds, received through meeting collections, are used for rent, A.A. literature, meeting lists, coffee/refreshments and support of CMA service entities, usually monthly or quarterly.

The following are suggested duties of group Treasurer:

Pass the collection basket at each meeting.

Maintain simple, accurate records of income and expenses.

Pay rent to the meeting place landlord.

Report the group’s financial condition at business meetings.

Reimburse suppliers for refreshments and related expenses.

Pay for CMA literature and meeting books as decided by the group conscience

Maintain a prudent reserve equivalent to one months’ group expenses.

Subject to group conscience, disburse group funds in excess of a prudent reserve to CMA service entities


Suggested length of sobriety: Subject to group conscience.

Suggested term of office: Subject to group conscience, usually six months.

Group Secretaries, like Chairpersons, need to be good all-around group servants. CMA experience suggests that Group Secretaries function most effectively with a background in other group offices.

The following are suggested duties of group Secretary:

Announce information about A.A. activities and events.

Maintain and update a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL file of names, addresses and telephone numbers of group members (subject to each member’s and group conscience approval); and know which members are available for Twelfth-Step calls.

Maintain a record of members’ anniversaries (subject to group conscience).

Maintain a Group bulletin board for posting CMA announcements and newsletters.

Inform the General Service Office of any changes of address, meeting place, meeting time and group officers.

Subject to group conscience, maintain a literature table in the group meeting place.

Group Service Representative*:

Suggested length of sobriety: Subject to group conscience.

Suggested term of office: Subject to group conscience.

The group General Service Representative (G.S.R.) is the group’s direct link with CMA’s Intergroup

Experience suggests that a history of group service helps in fulfilling G.S.R. responsibilities. An Alternate G.S.R. can share the function when necessary at the group, district and area levels.

The following are suggested duties of the G.S.R. and Alternate G.S.R.:

Represent the group at district and area general service assemblies.

Keep the group members informed about CMA’s Intergroup activities in the local area.

Assist groups with solving problems or answering questions related toCMA’s Traditions.

*For a more detailed description for all of the Minnesota Area CMA Intergroup Board positions, please click HERE or contact

CMA Intergroup Service Position Guidelines

Other Service Commitments to Consider:

Set-Up: Arrives early to set up chairs and arrange the room for the particular meeting’s format.

Coffee/Refreshments: Makes coffee and sets out refreshments or other snacks. This sometimes involves purchasing supplies, etc.

Greeter: Welcomes people and newcomers as they enter the meeting.

Cake: Buys or makes cakes for anniversary meetings in groups that celebrate sobriety milestones in this fashion.

Chips: Hands out sobriety chips or coins to help other members mark their time in sobriety.

Phone List: Maintains the group contact list. Sometimes handled by the meeting Secretary as well.

Sponsor Coordinator: Makes announcements asking for people to identify themselves if they are willing to act as a sponsor, and helps match members with potential sponsors/sponsees.

Literature: Maintains a stock of program literature and makes announcements at meetings to let members know what is available.

Clean-Up: Insures the room is returned to order after the meeting.

Help Line Committee: We are always looking for CMA Contact volunteers. If interested, Please download this form Volunteer Sign-Up Forms and mail to:

CMA Minnesota Area Intergroup

P.O. Box 331

Anoka, MN 55303